Work weekend

I was supposed to work all weekend on my art. But that didn’t happen. Friday night and Saturday I was so exhausted. I ran my self a little to hard all week staying up until 11 most nights and all night one night. I was working so hard for the Global Talent Search 2014 I pushed myself a lot. It wasn’t that I couldn’t handle it. I just need to recoup.

I’m glad I let myself have a down day. I thought about pushing myself to work. But thought better of it and rested. I think my work would not have turned out as well if I hadn’t waited. The next round for the Global Talent Search 2014 is announced Tuesday. I hope to be in the 50 second rounders. But with so many greasy artists out there and my work being sketches or gifts that never saw the light of a camera I doubt I’ll make it.

I won’t give up hope. At least it’s pushing me to do more completed work.


One days work!

I finally got to paint today! I started and finish the little red piece. I’m thinking of calling it “before”. The top, bottom and sides are also painted. Check it out.



Right side

Left side
I love it. I may post this for sale on etsy.

I also worked on a prototype for Lilly.



I hope to get more done tomorrow after work.

Global Talent Search Update



This is the poster I submitted in progress and the final piece. It took a while to finish in between my full time job, my boys, and my daughter getting ready for college.

The last post was some of the different borders I was trying out for the final piece. It was a lot of trial and trial. I think I chose the right one in the end.

It came down to an all nighter before a full day of work. I’m a little old for that. I’m still on catch up, but I’d do it again in a heart beat. It’s really pushed me to just get the work out there. It’s always in my head and my sketch book.

So, now I wait…. with stress and wringing hands. When they post all 999 entries I’ll add a link . If you want to see last years entries check out Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2013. Wish me luck.

Art is self doubt


Working on a new piece before the last ones finished. Lol not new. I will get back to little red but this has a deadline. I have been working and stressing. Art is joy, gut wrenching, nervous wreck joy. I love being creative in any way. But it always gives me that self conscious voice. I try not to listen. You as artists know what I’m talking about. It’s always there when you put yourself really out there. The more it like a piece the more I’m worried no one else will. Crazy huh. I keep pushing. I’m going to conquer that voice. I’ll teach it to love me.

Back to school

My boys will hopefully be starting school again next week. The teachers are getting a raw deal and they may strike. My boys are going into 3rd, 2nd and kindergarten. If they start on time I’ll be able to be there for their first day! But if not I may miss it.

Not because I don’t want to be there but because I’m separated for their dad and if it’s not on my day he may not care for me to be there. I hope for the best.
My daughter is also going back for her 2nd year of college. I’m really happy for her, but with all that’s going on in her life and mine I know she is stressed and worried.

She starts at the end of the month. If I can just get through a little longer things will settle down. (I know that’s not true, but nice to lie to myself sometimes to get through.)
I hope all of you get through the back to school season okay.

Little red

I’ve been thinking about a little red riding hood piece for some time. I think this will be one of many. Here is the sketch.

I hope to get it painted before the end of the week. The boys are begging for attention.

Bipolar life

As you all know I am bipolar. I’ve been struggling with the ups and downs of life and stress. My Rx has been a struggle to have it work well and control my swings. I was on Depakote and Effexor ER, but it wasn’t really working well enough. I was tired, gaining huge amounts of weight and still swinging moods. I asked to switch to something new. I’ve tired about everything and had bad side effects or they just didn’t work . The dr switched slowly to triliptal. It’s worked. It’s funny for the first time I felt normal. Like my life wasn’t a crashing wreck falling out of control. I wasn’t thinking a million miles a minute. I’ve been able to do art work. I’m able to get my finances on the road to recovery. Despite a bump here and there from my estranged husband things are going so well.

But I worry it’s all going to come crashing down again. I’m going to loss control. It’s waiting for me to let my guard down and wham. It shit deep in an emotional torture chamber of hell.

Let’s hope for sunny.

days <strong